“[Josh is a] guitar mentor and spiritual warrior.” – Extreme Animals

“He has a love of pure art making.” – Travis Cohn of ZamBamBoogee

Josh has contributed to albums by Ken Moshesh, an alumnus of the Sun Ra Arkestra and has performed with The Triangle Jazz Orchestra, Triangle Rhysing, The Really Terrible Orchestra of the Triangle, The Chinkapin Hunters, Nadeen Bir, Vito DiBona, Bruce Stevens, Percival Roman/TJ Goode, Xopher Thurston,  Jude Cassaday, Cameron Price, Squiggs Anderson, The Element of Peas,  The Leaves of Autumn, Nothing But Color, There Is No M Card, The Meek, Fernando’s Hideaway, Cows Grow Here and more.

Josh has performed at the ArtsCenter, the Hayti Heritage Center, the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, the Century Century Center, B.N. Duke Auditorium, Kenan Theater, Festifall, Carrboro Music Festival, Motorco, Nightlight, Local 506,  The Cave, and Arcana. Listen here and contact Josh for performance info at jozaslow at hotmail.com .

Here’s a short audio documentary about Josh by Jim Haverkamp and David Smart: The Sound of Magic.